Did I mention that Apple service sucks?


So, to summarise from my previous post about Apple service, I called the store I bought my iBook from 13 days ago. They said they weren’t interested in helping, and gave me the Apple tech support number. I called that number and waited 15 minutes on hold. I was then told that I should try booting off the OS X cds, which were of course at home, despite the fact that the machine didn’t boot at all.

My wife drove the CDs in. The machine is so broken that it wont even suck the disc in when the machine is powered up, so I called Apple again and said so. The dude on the phone said that I am now allowed to take the machine into the nearest service center. How good of him. The nearest service center is of course the store I bought it from, so I jump into the car and off I go.

When I get there, I’m told that there is in fact no service center there, and the nearest one is 30 minutes drive away (in the other direction of course). I wonder why Apple thinks there is one there then? Anyways, they say that they can ship it to the service center for me, but it will take two weeks for them to decide whether or not to fix the machine. Did I mention the machine is 13 days old?

I check the machine in for the service, which involves signing this disclaimer:

Please carry out at my cost as soon as you conveniently can the repairs listed on the job sheet with the corresponding number to this slip and any other work you consider to be undertaken at your current rates for the parts and labour used. You will not be responsible for the loss or damage to the equipment, its accessories, software or data however caused.

I’ve skipped the rest of the disclaimer, although it did also say that there was a minimum fee of $99 for the service. The emphasis above is mine.

So, this is my first Apple computer, and it’s 13 days old. It’s going to take then 14 days to decide what to do to the machine, which is dead, in which time they may also lose the machine, jump up and down on it, or whatever they like.

This is my first Apple purchase, and I’m thinking it will be my last. This level of service for a brand new machine is simply unacceptable, and I’ll be going back to IBM. No wonder Apple doesn’t have many corporate customers — would you put up with this?


The excitement of Apple service


I bought an Apple 12 inch iBook G4 from the ANUtech Apple Center less than two weeks ago. Last night the machine locked up, so I rebooted it with the power button. After booting, the machine would crash after about a minute with what looks a lot like a kernel panic, saying something about bad RAM. I wondered if I had done something to cause it, but it would consistently happen when I booted the machine and left it at the login screen, without me touching anything.

I gave up and went to bed.

This morning, I was hoping the machine was magically fixed, so I tried to turn it on. It didn’t boot. So I tried again, and this time it booted, but with a mouse that didn’t work. So I tried booting again. It didn’t work at all.

I rang the Apple Center, thinking that a two week old machine is simply a case of swapping the machine over or something. The guy basically told me to go away and call Apple. Something like “Oh, well we can’t do anything for you — ring Apple”. This is very disappointing to me, I would expect a lot better from a retailer. Anyways, so I rang Apple.

15 minutes on hold. Some simple questions. The machine still doesn’t boot. Booting with Apple-Option-r-p doesn’t help. Now apparently I need to boot with the OS X CD I left home. So I get to call back later after being on hold for ages.

Two week old machine doesn’t make me happy.


Weekend riding


Not as much riding as I had hoped for over the weekend, as I ended up with yet another headache this afternoon. The frequency of them is decreasing though, so I think I am getting over whatever bug is causing them. Anyways, 12km yesterday — a ride from Dad’s house to my house, and then a couple of test rides when playing with the gears on my brother in law’s bike.

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A lunch time ride


I can’t go for a ride tomorrow lunch because it’s Lindsay’s farewell from TOWER. I therefore went on a longer ride today — from work to ANU, ANU down Clunies Ross until you hit the lake (not literally), turn left, out and around the National Museum, over Canberra Avenue, and then back up through the city and O’Conner to work. It was 12.13km in total, which isn’t too shabby. I even got back in time for my meeting.

Next time I really should remember to take a camera.

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