Game review: Betrayal at House on the Hill

At the insistence of Uncle David, we had to try this one again after he filed a formal protest at our previous review. I must say this game went much better than last time…

  • David: oh boy I want to be the traitor. Shit I’m not. Then I died. First loser!
  • Mikal: this went much better than last time. I think what went wrong before was a steep learning curve coupled with a very early haunting. Second loser!
  • AJ: both of the people I was working with were useless. A fun game, I just wish the people on my team were more useful.
  • Matt: amazing.

Would play again.

Game review: Guillotine

AJ, Matt and I have decided that we need to play more board games and that we should write up our thoughts about them as we play them. I’ve decided to keep quick notes here to keep us honest. We start with a card game named “Guillotine”.

  • AJ: A fun by simple game.
  • Matt: Fun, but don’t play it with people who over think things.
  • Mikal: A fun game we’ve been playing for a while. It works well with younger kids — I think the boys were about 6 or 7 when we started playing it with them. Play is relatively quick too, a good after dinner game before the kids bed time.

Would play again.