Color ebook!

By far the most consistent criticism of The Definitive Guide to ImageMagick has been that the sample images need to be in color. I would have to agree with this point, which is why I am delighted that Apress took the time to go back around the production process and produce a version of the ebook with color images. It’s cool that they were willing to put in the effort, and not only that, they’re giving anyone who has purchased the ebook to date a free upgrade. Even better, now if you buy the printed book on Amazon, you get the color ebook for free!

I have a limited number of color ebooks to give away, so if you’re interested please leave a comment and explain why you’d like one.

Book reviews

I’m always a little hesitant when I see reviews of the book. It’s irrational, but I guess it’s a little bit like being worried that people are going to tell you that your kid isn’t the smartest in the class, or is ugly. That’s why I sat on the review from Linux Format May 2006 until today, and only read it just now. Wow. “This is probably the best Linux book you will buy all year”. I guess it doesn’t get clearer than that.

All I can say is “thanks Linux Format”. They commented on the lack of colour figures in the examples as well, and once again I should point out that there are colour versions available online and as a download. A colour revision of the PDF version of the book is also currently in the works.

Slight update to Chapter 7 images

Thanks to John N. Rayner for pointing out that figure 7-41 wasn’t online. It turns out this is because the script that I wrote to convert the images refused to convert that figure for me because it was compressed with an algorithm that ImageMagick doesn’t support for legal reasons. That compression was used because the publishing team tweaked that image at some point, and I simply didn’t notice.

The problem has now been corrected, and I apologise for any inconvenience.