Its a good sign that they’re already making fun of me, right?

So, today on IRC…

16:07 <mikal> So, breakfast catering at the student accommodation... Will there be bacon?
16:07 <ctudball> mikal: You have my permission to riot if there is no bacon.
16:07 <mikal> Yay!
16:07 <mikal> Real coffee?
16:08 <ctudball> mikal: No.
16:08 <mikal> !
16:10 <mikal> I can still add breakfast to my rego, right?
16:10 <mikal> I'll just fill a sock with $18 worth of bacon each morning
16:11 <ctudball> mikal: You can!
16:11 <mikal> Ok, that's official authorization for Operation Bacon Sock
16:11 <mikal> If anyone complains, I am showing them a lightly edited version of this IRC log

Which somehow became

LCA 2012: Ballarat

So, a million people have blogged and tweeted about this, so I’m going to keep this short. Congratulations to Ballarat on their winning 2012 bid. They’ve stepped up for what is a massive job, with the added complications of being the first to try something a little new. As a ghost I appreciate them being willing to expend this effort for the benefit of all of us. I’ve had a few chances to spend time with the Ballarat core team this week, and I think they’re dedicated, smart, and going to do a great job.

I know some are concerned about transport, and to be honest I was at first too, but I don’t think it is actually all that bad. There is a shuttle bus just like any other modern city (it seems to take about 90 minutes on the airport shuttle, which isn’t that much longer than getting to the Melbourne CBD from that airport). There are also rental cars, and Google Maps tells me that you could save 8 minutes on your trip that way! Worst case it is only a 22 hour, 35 minute walk according to Google Maps.

Personally, I’m going to walk from Canberra, which will only take 5 days, 22 hours. Who wants to join me?