Its a good sign that they’re already making fun of me, right?

So, today on IRC…

16:07 <mikal> So, breakfast catering at the student accommodation... Will there be bacon?
16:07 <ctudball> mikal: You have my permission to riot if there is no bacon.
16:07 <mikal> Yay!
16:07 <mikal> Real coffee?
16:08 <ctudball> mikal: No.
16:08 <mikal> !
16:10 <mikal> I can still add breakfast to my rego, right?
16:10 <mikal> I'll just fill a sock with $18 worth of bacon each morning
16:11 <ctudball> mikal: You can!
16:11 <mikal> Ok, that's official authorization for Operation Bacon Sock
16:11 <mikal> If anyone complains, I am showing them a lightly edited version of this IRC log

Which somehow became