Alternate queries on results pages making it easier for future evilness?

John Battelle implies that the new search result page being testing by Google could make evilness easier in the future. The premise is that offering alternate queries might be useful now, but it would make it easier to insert paid listings later.

I’m confused though, and John doesn’t have a comment link in his RSS output, so I’ll post it here. Surely if Google wanted to embrace evil later, they could just direct their coders to make it happen? They already know what keywords you’re searching for (i.e. Adwords), couldn’t they just roll those into the page in a way which looks like search results? I see no real way this positions for future evil.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Google news recently, and there seems to be a propensity towards paranoia in a lot of people (for instance the gmail displaying Adwords thing). If people are bothered, why don’t they just use another search engine? You can’t tell me that MSN and Yahoo! are any less evil…