A year of being more active

A little over a year ago I helped host a panel session at the Paris OpenStack summit. The panel was three telco people talking about NFV, but that’s not the bit I really remember. The bit that really stuck with me was how fat I looked in photos from the event. An example:

I weighed just over 110 kilos (240 lbs). I decided something had to change — I have a new daughter, and I want to be around to see her well into her life. So, I joined a gym and started bush walking. My first walk was documented here as a walk up Tuggeranong hill. That rapidly became an obsession with climbing hills to survey markers, which then started to include finding geocaches.

I can’t give you a full list of the tangents that one photo from Paris has caused, because the list isn’t complete yet and may never be. I now run, swim, ride my bike, and generally sweat on things. Its all fun and has had the unexpected side effect that its helped me cope with work stress much more than I expected.

I’ve lost about 15 kilos (30 lbs) so far. Weight loss isn’t really the main goal now, but its something I continue to track.

I thought it would be interesting to list all the places I’ve walked in Canberra this year, but a simple bullet point list is too long. So instead, here’s an interactive map.

There are a lot more walks I want to do around here. Its just a case of finding the time.

Non-budget funded work

Simon sounds like he needs a mental health day. Back when I was in the Australian public service we used to have the concept of “non-budget funded work” in my team… This meant a day doing something work related, but not currently on the Gantt chart — like playing in a new language, or exploring something we might one day use. It seems like a similar concept to Google’s 20% time.

Simon — perhaps it’s time to find a non-budget funded project?

Sick still

I thought I wasn’t getting any better, but I feel a little better this morning. I’m really hoping to be up to work on Monday. Meh.

If I haven’t answered your email, please be patient, I’m trying to get through them all.