MythNetTV release 1

I figured it was time for another release of MythNetTV, especially since I’ve fixed some bugs recently and rolled in code generously provided by George Nassas. New things in this release:

  • Initial work on transcoding smaller files to something else
  • Better error checking for MySQL configuration and accessibility
  • Fixed bug where MythNetTV was unhappy if there were no channels configured in the MySQL database
  • Found, and hopefully fixed, a bug where program dates were not always being tracked correctly. Also added a check to make sure this doesn’t happen again
  • Added –markread, which lets you mark old shows as already downloaded

The code has seen a fair bit of use now, so it should be fairly stable. Let me know if you find any problems…

    $ ./mythnettv --statistics
    Programs tracked: 735
      Google EngEdu: 350
      Scoble Show: 85 2007: 74
      Mobuzz TV: 82 32
      Net Cafe: 2
      Foo: 1
      ABC News: 2
      Australia: 1
      Play School: 1
      Diggnation: 72
    Programs still to download: 50
      Google EngEdu: 49
      Diggnation: 1
    Data transferred: 103 gb (111017264341 bytes)

Get it here if you care:

MythNetTV beta 4

As it says in the email:

To: Discussion about mythtv <>
Subject: MythNetTV beta 4

Hi again.

MythNetTv is my video downloader / aggregator / importer thingie for MythTV.

I've spent a little longer testing this beta, and I think it's getting
kinda ready for a real release number or something. New things in this
version (from the change log):

  - Made --update more terse
  - Made --update more liberal about what it considers to be a video,
    specifically added video/quick time and text/html (to work around the
    rather broken
  - Added a filter option to --download to constrain it to only
    downloading shows with a specific title
  - Added transcoding for mov and wmv2 files
  - If there is a straggling import, and it causes as error, just skip
    it and mark it as imported
  - Don't reset transferred data statistic when we start downloading a
    show again
  - Started implementing moniker support for downloads
  - Unsupported monikers will result in an attempt to download the URL
    using mplayer (which works for RTSP and MMS at the least)

Yes, that's right. You can now download only shows with a specific
title, and you can also download any protocol which mplayer supports --
specifically, RTSP and MMS are now supported.

Now, if only there was a non-sucky way to work out what streams were offering at any given time...

Get it here if you care: