By Blood Alone

Maybe I’ve been reading too much combat fiction recently and need a change of scenery. Or perhaps its just that this book isn’t as good as the last two (Legion of the Damned and The Final Battle). The characters aren’t the strongest, and the plot is weaker than the previous two books. On the other hand, I did finish the book, and don’t regret reading it. Oh, the cliff hanger ending is annoying too.

[isbn: 9780441006311; 0441006310]

The Final Battle

I somehow forgot to make a note about this book when I read it, I suspect because I was travelling at the time. This book was as good as Legion of the Damned and an enjoyable read. The book continues straight on from the previous one, and possibly should have been inside the same volume. A fun read.

[isbn: 9780441002177; 044100217X]

Legion of the Damned

This is a quite good combat science fiction book. I’m not really sure how I discovered this series, but I’m glad I did. There are some new ideas here, as well as some that mirror John Ring (incompetence in command) and Keith Laumer (alien invasion). Overall and enjoyable read, and I’ll be reading more from this series.

[isbn: 9780441480401]

Against the Tide

This is the third book in the Council Wars series. This book covers the long promised invasion by New Destiny forces, as well as Megan’s continued life in the harem. This book has a theme of incompetence in command, which is quite similar to some of Ringo’s other books, such as A Hymn Before Battle and Gust Front. It is not fine literature, but it is a fun read and the characters are likeable.

[isbn: 1416520570;9781416520573]

Gust Front

This is the sequel to A Hymn Before Battle, and its a better book to be honest. That’s fair enough given Hymn was Ringo’s first book. This book spends less time on the politics of incompetent officers (although there is a bit of that), and introduces a little bit more of the political intrigue running in the Federation. The combat sequences are pretty well done too. Overall its good to see Ringo developing as an author and I enjoyed this book.

[isbn: 0743435257]

A Hymn Before Battle

This is an interesting book in that it lays down a reasonably believable scenario and then doesn’t really resolve it. Its obviously setting up for a series, and while the local micro plot is resolved, there is clearly a larger story arc that wants telling here. The book isn’t happy or uplifting, it is downright depressing in places. Regardless, I still finding myself hanging out for the next one in the series.

[isbn: 0671318411]