Nightfall (short stories)

There are four Asimov books called Nightfall. There is a two volume collection of short stories (Nightfall One and Nightfall Two), a single volume version of this collection, and a novel length version of the short story “Nightfall”, which headlines the short story collections. I’ve previously attempted to explain the list of short stories in the various versions of the collection at There is also a correlation with previously published Robot short stories at

I just finished reading the short story collection (in this case in a single volume). I haven’t read any Asimov short stories in a few months (since September last year to be exact), and I had forgotten how much I enjoy them. One of the advantages of these short story collections is that you get to cover a lot of ground, and there is a real sense of accomplishment in finishing a short story. I think also that the shorter form keeps the author honest — there simply isn’t room to waste space on long passages which don’t progress the plot.

This collection is excellent, much like the others I have read from Asimov. I will note that I particularly enjoyed “The Up-to-date Sorcerer”, which isn’t something I would expect from a Victorian style humor piece. This book was good reading.

[isbn: 0586212558;0586034668]
[award: nominee nebula_short_story 1965 (Eyes Do More Than See)]