MythNetTV release 6

New things in this release:

    Better testing:

  • r114: Unit tests for
  • r148: Updated unit test now that we create more tables
  • r151: Start work on syndication unit tests
  • r153: Unit test for bad syndication dates, as well as more flexibility in
    db connections needed for this unit test

  • r157: Nicer unit test failure output, and refactor GetVideoDir() into the
    utility module

  • r181: Slightly improve syndication unit tests
  • r183: Add flag parsing to unit tests, and fix some more flag name changes
    Better documentation:

  • r117: Added a man page for — I’m not 100% happy with its name
    Bug fixes:

  • r114: Fixed a bug where the new filename for video transcode could be the
    same as the input filename, resulting in video corruption. This was found
    with one of the new unit tests

  • r116: The logic for the –prompt flag was the wrong way around. Fixed.
  • r119: Nicer download status messages
  • r121: Handle 404s in feed updates better
  • r129: Slight tweak to SVN submit script
  • r131: More accurate tracking of proxy usage (update during download,
    instead of just at the end)

  • r137: Proxy budget being exceeded doesn’t count as a failed download

  • r143: Subscribe now renables inactive subscriptions
  • r146: Add support to decimals to utility byte printer, fix a bug in the
    check for video directories

  • r155: Have users send problems to the mailing list, instead of me

  • r161: Don’t throw exceptions for the videodir command line
  • r167, 169: Display friendly sizes in records_tool output
  • r171: Move verbose update arg into a flag
  • r173: Add “-vo null” to mplayer invocation per Ryan Lutz. This improves
    support on machines without X, and speeds up the identify operation

  • r175: Import patch from Thomas Mashos which fixes subscription removal,
    started work on syndication unit test improvements

  • r177: Fix character escaping bug in show subtitles during import
  • r179: Renamed –datadirdefault to –datadir. If set this will now change
    your data directory, regardless of if there was a previous value set.

  • r190: Recording_tool now prompts for deletes
  • r192: Improved explainvideodir output
  • r194: Don’t crash in explainvideodir if there is no video directory
  • r197: Order results by subtitle in recordings_tool output
    New features:

  • r115: Upgraded schema to version 15 to support http_proxies for
    subscriptions. Added http_proxy command line, which allows you to use HTTP
    proxies for specified URLs. Moved HTTP accesses to use the proxy code.

  • r127: Bump schema to v17, and add proxy use tracking including the
    “proxyusage” command

  • r133: Allow daily budgets for proxy usage
  • r115: Provide a user agent for HTTP requests, instead of just

  • r117: Users will now be prompted to subscribe to an announcements video
    feed. This will happen exactly once. This behavior may be disabled with
    the –nopromptforannounce command line flag.

  • r125: Add a full info dump command to’s command line interface
  • r139: Bump schema to 19, and implement categories with the “category”

  • r141: Implement recording group support, and clarify category support
  • r151: Implement a helper (recordings_tool) for handling the MythTV
    recordings table, this is useful for testing.

  • r159: Add videodir and explainvideodir debugging commands, and update man

  • r163: Add title list feature to recordings_tool
  • r165: Include recording count in title list
  • r185: Add the resetattempts command
    Development changes:

  • r123: Added a submit script to automate putting the revision number into
    the ChangeLog

  • r135: Tweak to new ChangeLog auto logging formatting

Release 6 continues the tradition of better testing, improves the documentation (a little, there is more work to be done there), fixes a bunch of bugs, and implements some new features which will hopefully be useful to others. Please grab your copy here.