A MythTV Jabber bot

While I love my wife and kids to distraction, the distraction bit is real. Then again, I’m sure they have a counter argument that I tend to end up deep in thought, and which point you could probably push me off my chair and I wouldn’t notice. Anyway, that’s mostly beside the point. What is relevant is for the first time in nearly a year (since 18 November 2005 to be exact, but who is counting?) I’m alone. All alone.

So, apart from watching the West Wing (which I haven’t seen before, and is fantastic), sleeping in, and going to a party tonight, I am coding.

What I’m writing is a follow on from my night hacking the other day, which was getting PyXMPP working with Google Talk. What I want is a bot which will take IM messages, and execute them using the MythTV front end. Oh, and it will display text using the on screen display if you ask nicely.

So, does anyone have any thoughts on if that sort of thing is useful to them? I think it sounds useful to me, but perhaps I’m odd.

Back to hacking.