The Runaway Jury

This is an older book now, and I read it many many years ago but re-read it this last couple of weeks. I enjoyed this book. Its believable (if a little dated now), and interesting. It certainly made me think more about the first amendment and how it affects dangerous products like cigarettes than I would have otherwise.

The Runaway Jury Book Cover The Runaway Jury
John Grisham
Dell Publishing Company

A member of the jury for the century's most explosive trial against a giant tobacco company, Juror #2, a mysterious man with a past and a hidden agenda, joins forces with a beautiful woman on the outside to get the verdict he wants, no matter what the cost. Reissue. (A 20th Century Fox film, releasing Fall 2003, starring Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, & John Cusack) (Suspense)