The Compleat Bolo

I read this book on flights. This book is a collection of several Bolo short stories, as well as two longer stories. This was a pretty common technique it seems with early science fiction, and it works ok here as long as you remember that the chapters are unlinked short stories. In fact, several of them are inconsistent with others in the collection, but I think that’s a minor annoyance.

Year Title Notes
1963 Night of the Trolls This story appears in Battlefields Beyond Tomorrow as well
1961 Courier This is a Retief (Laumer’s other major series) story which includes a Bolo. This is my first encounter with Reteif, and it felt a little like a Stainless Steel Rat story, but where the hero isn’t a criminal, and without the requirement to suspend disbelief as much as you need to for the Rat.
1966 The Last Command
1969 A Relic of War
1960 Combat Unit
1986 Rogue Bolo Book 1
1986 Rogue Bolo Book 2 No relation to the Rogue Bolo Book 1, despite

Overall I enjoyed this book, and have now read it several times over the years.

The Compleat Bolo Book Cover The Compleat Bolo
Keith Laumer

Brings together the previously published Bolo and Rogue Bolo in one book that follows the gigantic, robotic Bolo tanks, designed to be servants to mankind, into battle against an alien force. Reissue.