Technical Topics weekly update, week starting 5 September

(This got emailed out to registered attendees yesterday).

Oh you few, you glorious, trustworthy and foolhardy few! Thanks to all of you who have registered for Technical Topics. I think it is cool (and a bit bonkers) that we’ve gone from idle idea to a conference with a venue, delegates, speakers and insurance quotes in a week. I think a lot of that is because of you super great people who went out on a limb to register early.

So far we’ve announced three talks, which leaves us with four more to announce. I assume now that the schedule is a bit firmer and venue confirmed we’ll start to see registrations pick up. That said, I’m happy if we make it to 50 people — this doesn’t have to be an event for thousands.

A few things you should know:

You should have been emailed out a wiki URL, username and password automatically as a side effect of buying a ticket on eventbrite. If that thing hasn’t happened let me know and I’ll fix it for you. The basic idea here is that people can self-organize as much of the event as they want — for example I am not assigning speakers talking slots on the schedule, I am hoping they will pick one which works for them by themselves. Similarly, I am also hoping they’ll put up a wiki page about their talk without a whole lot of hassling from me.

Secondly, we do still need more delegates if I am to cover insurance costs, so remember to hassle your friends into coming! I think this is also important because having a few more people will make the event more fun for all involved.
Thirdily, you’re welcome to camp over at the Scout Hall on the Saturday night if you’d like. I would like an idea of how many people want to do that though, so please add yourself to the wiki at if that’s a thing of interest to you.

Finally for now, I still need to work out a video projector and screen. Do any of you have one I could borrow for the weekend?

Thanks heaps,

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