The Difference Engine

This is my first steam punk book, and I am not really sure that the genre is my thing. However, the book is clever and interesting and certainly explores an interesting alternate history. The book sort of lost its way in the middle, but picked up again towards the end. Overall, an ok but not stellar read.

[isbn: 055329461X]
[awards: nebula nominee 1991]

Mona Lisa Overdrive

This is the book which wraps up the Sprawl series (Burning Chrome, Neuromancer and Count Zero). Its a great book, with several separate story lines which are beautifully molded together by the end of the book. It also wraps up the confusing elements of the various other stories nicely. I really enjoyed it.

Mona Lisa Overdrive Book Cover Mona Lisa Overdrive
William Gibson

Living in the vast computer landscape of cyberspace, young Mona taps into the mind of world-famous Sense/Net star Angie Mitchell who deciphers cyperspace plans, including those devised by Japanese underworld

Count Zero

The voodoo aspect of this book is a bit odd, but its a very readable story set about eight years after Neuromancer. I like that it is not a “me too” story, and has its own unique and interesting plot arc. Overall a good read.

Count Zero Book Cover Count Zero
William Gibson
Business & Economics

In the future world of the Sprawl, an urban complex that extends from Boston to Houston, a sentient computer data base known as the Cyberspace matrix dominates humanity's fate.


This book is a classic, and I first read it a long time ago. Its pretty clear in retrospect why it kicked off the cyberpunk movement, and I’m glad that the future it proposed hasn’t come to pass (yet). Despite being written in the 1980s the book isn’t dated, although it does make more sense if you’ve spent some time in Japan.

[isbn: 0586066454]
[award: winner nebula_novel 1984; winner hugo 1985]

Burning Chrome

This is a collection of William Gibson short stories. They’re gritty and real, and make more sense now that I’ve been to both the US and Japan. I read these stories as a kid and loved them, although their vision for the future isn’t a happy one. Its good to see I still like them as an adult. Stories in this collection:

  • Johnny Mnemonic
  • The Gernsback Continuum
  • Fragments of a Hologram Rose
  • The Belonging Kind
  • Hinterlands
  • Red Star, Winter Orbit
  • New Rose Hotel
  • The Winter Market
  • Dogfight
  • Burning Chrome

[isbn: 0441089348]
[award: nominee nebula_short_story 1981 (Johnny Mnemonic); nominee nebula_novelette 1982 (Burning Chrome); nominee nebula_novelette 1985 (Dogfight); nominee nebula_novelette 1986 (The Winter Market)]