Starting your first instance on Shaken Fist (a video tutorial)

As a bit of an experiment, I’ve made this quick and dirty “vlog” style tutorial video to show you how to install Shaken Fist on a single machine and boot your first instance. I demonstrate how to install, setup your first virtual network, start the instance, inspect events that the instance has experienced, and then log in.

Let me know if you think its useful.

Updated: 2007 MythTV tutorial homework

I spent the afternoon updating the MythTV tutorial homework. I did all the homework on a VMWare virtual machine, and it took me about four hours to complete, given that compilation was slow for me in the virtual machine, but downloading was fast.

Next steps are adding ffmpeg setup to the homework, and putting the finished virtual machine online so that lazy people can just download the crazily large file.

First cut of the tutorial homework is ready

Stewart and I are just now putting the finishing touches on our MythTV tutorial for Because it’s a tutorial and is therefore meant to be hands one we want people to come along with a machine which is configured so it can take part in a bunch of the demos. To that end we have set homework!

Note that it’s currently a draft, because I’m pretty sure there will be some stuff in there about ffmpeg, but I wanted to get it out so that people can get an idea of what we want to cover, and get a start on the homework.

One other option is for me to make a VMWare image of a machine once all the homework is done available. Would people find that useful? It would be pretty big.