Their Finest Hour

This book is a disappointment. I was excited about another Bolo book, but this one is all republished stories I’d previously read:

Overall I’m pretty sad that it wasn’t made more clear that this book was entirely reprints.

[isbn: 9781439133750]

Old Soldiers

This is a more traditional bolo book than The Road to Damascus, which means I enjoyed it more. I’m a little sad that its the last one of the series, but there is another one coming soon (entitled Their Finest Hour due out in August) which gives me something to hang out for. This book gives some nice closure to operation Ragnarok, whilst not being too predictable. Overall I enjoyed it.

[isbn: 1416521046]


This book is a return to the short story collection style of Bolo book, with all of these short stories being written by David Webber. Unfortunately, most of these stories are not new: “Miles to Go” and “A brief technical history of the Bolo” appeared in Bolos 3: The Triumphant, and “The Traitor” and “A Time To Kill” appeared in Bolos 4: Last Stand. Only “With Your Shield” is new to me in this book.

That one new story is a good one, although I think it helped that the Melconians had already been introduced in other short stories. I enjoyed it, even though there was only about 90 pages of new content in this book.

[isbn: 1416520627]

Bolos 4: Last Stand

This book continues on from many of the previous short stories, which is a nice touch. It also starts to fill in some of the historical gaps between the collapse of US society (night of the trolls), to the Concordiat Empire, to the Melconian wars. I found one story in this book pretty hard to read, but that’s mainly because its about a small child risking death from basically crazies. That story was good, just a bit close to the bone for me. I liked this book, which isn’t a surprise because I have liked all the others as well.

Last Stand Book Cover Last Stand
Keith Laumer

A collection of stories about the indomitable Bolos, gigantic and indestructible robot tanks programmed to protect the human race, includes contributions by such authors as David Weber, S. M. Stirling, William R. Forstchen, and Linda Evans. Original.

Bolos 3: The Triumphant

This book is a little different from Bolos 1 and Bolos 2 in that it is several short novels instead of a collection of short stories. On the other hand, they’re very good short novels, and I quite liked Nike’s character. I’m glad I read this book.

The Triumphant Book Cover The Triumphant
Keith Laumer, David Weber,
Pocket Books

Two new powerhouses of SF, Weber and Evans, continue the amplified history ofBolo, the nearly indestructible tank/artificial intelligence that changed theshape of the galaxy.

On Basilisk Station

I bought this book because it was cheap a while ago, and only just got around to reading it. Its a pretty standard science fiction story of one naval officer’s plight — incompetent seniors; inadequate equipment; and evil neighbors. The story revolves around a young naval officer named Honor Harrington, who the Internet tells me has her career based around that of Admiral Nelson. This book was an interesting enough story, and doesn’t collapse under the weight of cliche like some others do. It was entertaining and I will probably read the rest of the series.

[isbn: 1416509372]