Bolos 4: Last Stand

This book continues on from many of the previous short stories, which is a nice touch. It also starts to fill in some of the historical gaps between the collapse of US society (night of the trolls), to the Concordiat Empire, to the Melconian wars. I found one story in this book pretty hard to read, but that’s mainly because its about a small child risking death from basically crazies. That story was good, just a bit close to the bone for me. I liked this book, which isn’t a surprise because I have liked all the others as well.

Last Stand Book Cover Last Stand
Keith Laumer

A collection of stories about the indomitable Bolos, gigantic and indestructible robot tanks programmed to protect the human race, includes contributions by such authors as David Weber, S. M. Stirling, William R. Forstchen, and Linda Evans. Original.