Modified bike commute down L’avineda Street

I tweaked the bike commute this morning, and in return for spending the same amount of time on roads as before (but much busier roads), I pretty much cut the commute in half. It’s a bit of a shame really, because it no longer feels like a real ride because it’s too short. Now I need to decide if I go the long way or the short way.

First commute to work

This morning was my first bike commute to work ever. Not just to my new American job, but ever (I’ve always lived too far from work until now — being a bike ride away from work was one of the criteria for the apartment in the US). The ride was rather pleasant, and involved very little on the road stuff (just getting onto the bike path near the apartment) — 27 minutes, 7.7km, maximum speed of 33 km per hour.

There is a lot of room for improvement here — we didn’t go the most efficient way, I am relatively unfit at the moment not having ridden for a month, and Andrew is learning how to use cleats which made for a bit of laughter.

A nice ride though, and I’m pretty happy with how it went. I’ll be riding more in the future.

Two weeks of being sick

And 31km travelled. Not too shabby given I couldn’t breathe and had goo coming out of my head. I feel quite unfit riding now though, so I need to put some work into getting back into things.

James talks about commuting to Google, which is currently of interest to me so I’d like to hear more about the practicalities of commuting in Mountain View if possible. For instance, are their off road bike paths, do American drivers try to kill you, and how far is Jame’s commute on the bike each way?

I’m not sure I really care if commuting to work by bike is cheaper, I only want to own one car in the US if I can (I have two here), and I like the idea of living close enough to work to be able to ride there.

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