Home made vanilla essence for Christmas

Catherine and I decided to make home made vanilla essence as part of our Christmas gifts for 2014. This turned out to be pretty easy, and result is really good. As part of that I turned bottle stoppers for the little decorative bottles we gave the essence out in. I also needed to explore what glue would work with silicone stoppers, which turned out to be a bit of an adventure.

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How come I don’t blog any more?

It’s not intentional, I think it’s more that I haven’t had anything interesting to say since I moved to the US — all of my time has been devoted to training at work, moving into houses (two now, no more of that please), and sustaining the other two activities by going shopping. I promise now that most of that is done that I will be 100% excitement from now on.

In fact, I’ll take my camera to Andrew and Sarah’s Christmas lunch, and then post some pictures online… Promise.