When Henry Ford imported America to export rubber

Wow. A few interesting random stories tonight. It appears that Henry Ford wanted to pay less for rubber for his car tires. What’s the logical solution? How about moving a piece of America to Brazil and trying to grow plants on rocks?

…by the late 1920s, the infamous automobile tycoon Henry Ford set out to break the back of this rubbery monopoly. His hundreds of thousands of new cars needed millions of tires, which were very expensive to produce when buying raw materials from the established rubber lords. To that end, he established Fordlandia, a tiny piece of America which was transplanted into the Amazon rain forest for a single purpose: to create the largest rubber plantation on the planet.

Damn Interesting Wikipedia.

Seriously pissed someone off?

When choosing an armoured vehicle, it’s important to keep in mind how badly someone wants you dead. This will affect your purchase. If your assassin is an amateur — perhaps some punk with a .38, which fires a 158-grain, round-nose lead bullet at a velocity of 850 feet per second — you’ll probably be just fine in an aftermarket armored sedan or the one offered by Cadillac. In fact, even if your enemy comes at you with a .357 Magnum — a serious weapon capable of spitting metal-ripping charges at up to 1,395 feet per second — you’ll probably escape without a scratch in one of those sedans. But if someone really wants to kill you, you’d better be riding in the 2005 Lincoln Town Car Ballistic Protection Series. The BPS is a rifle-grade armored vehicle, meaning that it can withstand an attack by professional killers wielding 7.62-mm high-powered rifles or even 5.56-mm high-velocity assault rifles, which fire armor-piercing rounds at more than 3,000 feet per second and can take out targets from half a mile away. Oh, the BPS can also deflect shrapnel from roadside bombs, in case you’ve angered someone with a background in demolitions.

If you’ve pissed someone off in the office, it might be a good idea to read the rest of the article. Simon’s verging on needing one of these.