On the potentially sorry state of second hand science fiction book stores in Sydney

Following a recommendation from Danny, I went and checked out Galaxy Books on York Street during one of my lunch times. The review says they have a good second hand section, and I am still hunting for some old Asimovs. Unfortunately, it was a waste of time. The second hand section must of only had about 100 books in it, and none of them were interesting. They did have an awesome new section though, but I figure buying books from the 1950s new is cheating.

One book I might be forced to buy new is Asimov’s The Complete Robot. I can’t find it in any second hand bookstores that I’ve tried, and its not even available new in the US. Inexplicably though, it is easily available new in Australia. I am not sure why. It seems like a shame to spend nearly $25 on a book though, so I am not sure what I will do about that one yet.

I will continue my hunt for a good second hand book store in the Sydney CBD. Any recommendations?

Update: post title fixed after entirely deserved sarcasm from Steven.