MySQL User Conference coming up

Stewart has a new toy for his MySQL User Conference presentation, which is probably for the best as I fully intend to ask why MySQL replication is so unreliable, why Innodb hot backup appears to hate me, and lots of other biting questions if I think of them. It does make me wonder what other Aussies are going to be in town for the conference? I have a survey for you to complete:

  • My name is: ________________________________
  • I am arriving: ________________________________
  • I will be staying in: ______________________________ (name of city only please)
  • I would be interested in drinking so much I fall off my chair: yes / no (please circle)
  • I would like to know where you can get Coopers beer in Silicon Valley: yes / no (please circle)
  • Is Frys really as dodgy as it looks? yes / no (please circle)

Let me know if you’re going to be in town for the conference, and perhaps we can all get together and do something geeky. If there aren’t too many of you, then perhaps I can organise a tour of the Googleplex or something. Hopefully it wont be raining the whole time like it has for the last few weeks, but I would bring rain gear just in case if I was you.