Margarita Mix

I’ve had trouble sourcing an acceptable Margarita Mix now that we’re back in Australia. You can get the Jose Cuervo stuff, but it is $10 for a liter bottle. Instead, I’ve been making my own, which is nicer than the store stuff and cheaper to make as well. It is also ultra simple to make. Here’s how:

Put two cups of white sugar in a pot with four cups of water. Heat on the stove stirring occasionally until the sugar dissolves. Turn this mix off and let it cool down slowly on the stove. It should be quite thick when cooled, and there should be no visible sugar crystals any more.

When the liquid is cool, add a cup of fresh lime juice and a cup of fresh lemon juice. Stir thorough. Pour the result into a bottle and stick it in the fridge. It should store for a couple of weeks, and I am told it freezes ok as well.