LCA 2013 bid process opens – Canberra at the ready!

For the last several months, a small group of people in Canberra including
myself have been preparing a bid for LCA 2013. This is not just to give us
more time to make the conference the most awesome, froody LCA you’ve
ever been to. No – 2013 is also the centenary of the founding of Canberra as
the nation’s capital. It’s a very significant year for us and we’d all be
thrilled if we could show the attendees of LCA our great city and Canberrans
the great work the FOSS community does to improve everyone’s lives.

So we’re really stoked that the bidding process is going to be opened early,
and I think it’ll lead to a really interesting competition that will result,
whoever wins, in the best LCA ever!

If you’re interested in getting involved, drop me a line!