Isaac Asimov’s Utopia

Utopia is the third and final Asimov universe book from Allen. It centers around an attempt to accellerate the terraforming of a planet by drastic measures which drive third law robots wild… The measures are so drastic that they endanger humans, whilst protecting a large number of humans. Unfortunately three law robots have trouble seeing the difference between the two.

I don’t think this book is as well written as the earlier two Allen books (Caliban and Inferno) and therefore not as good as the Asimov books set in the universe. It was however reasonably engaging and I’m not offended that I spent time and money on it. An ok book, but nothing special basically.

Isaac Asimov's Utopia Book Cover Isaac Asimov's Utopia
Roger MacBride Allen
Ace Books
March 1, 1999

The world of Inferno will soon be uninhabitable unless a daring plan is enacted--drop a comet to create new rivers that would save the planet but could also destroy Inferno