Gordon’s in Texas

Gordon is in Texas and having a ball, which is good to hear. His picture is quite cool too. He points out some interesting aspects of America in the post as well. Let’s work through them one at a time together:

  • I haven’t stayed in a Best Western yet, but so far I would have to say that the hotels I have stayed in have all been pretty good. Now, that might be because I am willing to spend money on hotels, but I think it’s also because it’s so easy here to change hotel if the first one sucks. For example, the hotel I stayed in in Portland had a many in a silly hat:
  • I have also seen churched with threatening signs, again in Portland for me. It seems to me that perhaps the clergy don’t want to be too bothered by the huddled masses?
  • Parking places with funny little boxes to poke money I thought was a Pacific northwest thing (as I’ve seen them in Oregon and Washington). It’s reassuring to know that other parts of the country have these too.
  • And yes, in general people here are wonderfully friendly.

Oh, and Gordon, don’t forget to checkout The Capitol Steps sometime. They perform in a federal building, which means there are metal detectors and armed guards on the way into a theatre, and they’re very funny if you’re into political satire. One of my personal favourites would have to be the excellent garbled speeches although they are really known for their singing.

Also, I need your written report on the national mall, and the Smithsonians.