Gangscan 0.6 boards

So I’ve been pottering away for a while working on getting the next version of the gang scan boards working. These ones are much nicer: thicker tracks for signals, better labelling, support for a lipo battery charge circuit, a prototype audio circuit, and some LEDs to indicate status. I had them fabbed at the same place as last time, although the service was much faster this time around.

A gang scan 0.6 board

I haven’t got as far as assembling a board yet — I need to get some wire thin enough for the vias before I can do that. I’ll let you know how I go though.

One thought on “Gangscan 0.6 boards”

  1. Yeah, 0.6 wasn’t great it seems. The RFID reader needs to be on SPI bus zero for sound to work (they clash pins), but I failed to do the thing and its on SPI bus one. There will be a new board by the end of the week I think at this rate…

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