Expectations of core reviewers

One of the action items from the nova midcycle was that I was asked to
make nova’s expectations of core reviews more clear. This blog post is an
attempt at that.

Nova expects a minimum level of sustained code reviews from cores. In
the past this has been generally held to be in the order of two code
reviews a day, which is a pretty low bar compared to the review
workload of many cores. I feel that existing cores understand this
requirement well, and I am mostly stating it here for completeness.

Additionally, there is increasing levels of concern that cores need to
be on the same page about the criteria we hold code to, as well as the
overall direction of nova. While the weekly meetings help here, it was
agreed that summit attendance is really important to cores. Its the
way we decide where we’re going for the next cycle, as well as a
chance to make sure that people are all pulling in the same direction
and trust each other.

There is also a strong preference for midcycle meetup attendance,
although I understand that can sometimes be hard to arrange. My stance
is that I’d like core’s to try to attend, but understand that
sometimes people will miss one. In response to the increasing
importance of midcycles over time, I commit to trying to get the dates
for these events announced further in advance.

Given that we consider these physical events so important, I’d like
people to let me know if they have travel funding issues. I can then
approach the Foundation about funding travel if that is required.