This is the first book in the Dragons of Pern series, which I read a small part of as a child. Given that they’re still being written, its not surprising that I’m pretty out of date on this series. This book is excellent for a few reasons — the idea is unique and well implemented; its an amazing mix of fantasy with science fiction style justifications for the way things are; and its well written. The underlying premise is that a planet named Pern as a nearly neighbor on an eccentric orbit. When that neighbor comes near to Pern, spores from the other planet try to land on Pern. These spores breed by eating organic life, so they need to be neutralized or life on Pern will cease. There are however a few patches I had to re-read to make full sense of. I really liked this book.

[isbn: 0345335465]
[award: winner nebula 1968; nominee nebula 1967]