Converting a bunch of TIFF images to a PDF using ImageMagick

I just got this question in email, and thought I should answer it publically to help other people who might be wondering:

    I used following commands to convert
    D:\>convert -adjoin scanImage_1.tif -adjoin scanImage_2.tif -adjoin scanImage_3.tif three.pdf
    This didn't work.
    And I use
    D:\ >convert -adjoin scanImage_1.tif -adjoin scanImage_2.tif -adjoin scanImage_3.tif three.tif
    And convert three.tif three.pdf
    Did not work.
    Then I use
    D:\ >convert three.tif three.pdf
    Did not work
    How do I create single pdf  file?

As far as ImageMagick is concerned, a PDF file is simply a format capable of storing more than one image in a file. TIFF files are another example, as are animations. Therefore, to turn multiple TIFF files into a single PDF, you just need a command line like this:

    convert scanImage_1.tif scanImage_2.tif scanImage_3.tif three.pdf

Too easy. Obligatory advertising: you can find out more about this in chapter three of my upcoming ImageMagick book, which is slated to be released around Christmas.