Configuring a spa3000 or spa3102

I’ve had a spa3000 for a long time and then it blew up. That meant I had to replace it with a spa3102, but without being able to refer to the configuration I had on the spa3000. It wasn’t too bad, although the software on these devices is truly terrible (even with a modern firmware). Some pointers:

  • Use the WAN port on the spa3102, even if you’re only plugging in one ethernet port.
  • Get firmware from Cisco. You can upload this to the spa3102 by putting it on a web server and then hitting http://SPA3102_IP/admin/upgrade?http://yourwebserver/firmware.bin.
  • Then follow the instructions here.
  • When you have problems with the dial plan, realize that Chris Yeoh has already solved this and go here.
  • Finally, fix hangup detection by stealing the config line from here.
  • Job done.

Of course, there’s no way to backup the config on one of these devices, so I am sure I will be back here again.