Panda 0.5.4 released

(Evan has taken over maintaining Panda, although I will be dropping in from time to time to add code still)

Subject: [panda-development] Panda-0.5.4 Released
Date: Monday 12 April 2004 11:28 pm
From: Evan Nemerson 

Hi everyone,

I've just released Panda-0.5.4 via Savannah and SourceForge. I will make an
announcement via Freshmeat as soon as the files are available via

The release can currently be downloaded from:

As you may already be aware, the most important change in 0.5.4 is that the
library is now available under the terms of either the GPL or LGPL (your
choice). In order to accomplish this, the TDB code was removed, and either
Enlightenment DB or Berkeley DB (version 4) must be linked to in its place.

Other changes include the addition of link annotations (internal and
external), pkg-config support, and an RPM. The main point of this release,
however, was the licensing issue.

The time has begun to begin thinking about the next release of Panda, and
though I do not have a time frame, I do have a few features I'd like to

*	Improved font handling, using FreeType. I would like to be able to embed
 and use arbitrary fonts, supporting line and page wrapping of text boxes.
 *	Support XMP metadata, noteably Creative Commons licensing data.
*	Bindings for different languages, such as PHP, Python, etc.
*	Comprehensive documentation, using DocBook XML
*	Stronger Windows support

If you have any other ideas you would like to see integrated within the
library, please send a message to

The files for this release can be found at:

Panda 0.5 RC1 man pages now available online

Because of a user request, there is now an online version of the Panda 0.5 RC1 man pages. Here are the pages: