Bolos 5: Old Guard

This book is similar to the previous Bolo anthologies in that it is written by a number of different authors, but utilizes Laumer’s Concordiat universe. Contrary to another LibraryThing review, all of the stories on this book don’t occur on one planet. All but one of them occurs on Delas, and the final one is on another nearby Concordiat planet. However, all of these stories do revolve around engagements with one enemy, and follow on from each other. This is something which hasn’t occurred in other Bolo anthologies. I enjoyed this book, although it took longer to read than I would like because of other things happen in my life.

Old Guard Book Cover Old Guard
Keith Laumer, Bill Fawcett,
Baen Books

The human civilizations of Earth and its colonies confront a new threat--the warlike alien Kezdai--and send out the Bolos, self-aware robotic tanks, to deal with the danger. Original.