Arrived in Dallas

I arrived in Dallas yesterday. This part of the trip is to attend LISA 2007, spend some time on the Google booth, and present a poster about the initial research in my new-improved-previous-topic-abandoned PhD. I’m staying in the same hotel as the conference, the Grand Hyatt.

Staying at the Grand Hyatt has led me to make a conclusion — people mistake expensive for up-scale. I look at the hotel, and its pretty lame: parking is $18 a day, internet is $10 a day, printing is $1 a page, and all the food options are expensive. I can only assume that either they’re not interested in business travellers, or that they’re hoping people will confuse being gouged for being upper class.

Oh, and the room is noisy and poorly laid out. I much preferred The Hampton Inn I stayed at in Atlanta to be honest. Now there was a hotel that understood business travellers.