The Linux Australia mirroring project

Some of you might be aware that Linux Australia recently agreed to support a trial open source mirror project for Australia. This mirror is being run by a sub-committee of Linux Australia, on hardware owned by Linux Australia. The purpose of this post is to remind people of the project, and give a quick status update. It has to be quick, as I’m really busy this week.

Our hardware arrived several weeks ago, and having been kindly configured by Andrew Pollock was ready for deployment about a week ago. This deployment was held up with some illness amongst various players, but the hardware was deployed to the data center last week by Steven Hanley and myself. We’re currently finalising network ACLs for the machine before we can work on finishing off the software configuration.

At this time I would like to ask for suggestions of projects which would benefit from mirroring. Preferably there would be a clear benefit to the community in Australia from such a mirror, and support from the people being mirrored for the concept. Bandwidth isn’t a problem, and disk isn’t a big deal as long as the suggestion doesn’t need hundreds of gigabytes.

I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

[icbm: work]