The book process continues

Despite my lack of posting here in the last couple of weeks, and the death of my laptop (which I believe is traditional when you write a book), the book process continues. This is the first time I’ve written a book, and the process itself is pretty interesting. At the moment I’m looking through edits from the copy editor for the first chapter (previously this chapter has survived technical review, a review from the acquisitions editor, and review from the project manager). The copy editor is providing comments on my writing style and how to make the chapter easier to read.

I guess that I could take the comments as hurtful, but to be honest it’s fun. It’s kinda like having a personal coach trying to teach you how to write better. I like that.

One interesting thing that has happened is that the chapter title was tweaked to “be more active”, which I like. I guess that means some of the chapter descriptions I have already posted might actually be wrong. Oh well.