Technical Topics weekly update, week starting 31 October

(This just got emailed out to registered attendees of Technical Topics).

So, I went quiet for a while because I got busy with other things, but now its time to focus on getting Technical Topics [1] ready for action. There is a program of things people are currently talking about at this URL:

If people who are down for a talk can ensure that they are happy with their nominated timeslot, and have added at least some information to their linked wiki pages for each talk what would be cool.

We also still have two full slots free, and some space for lightning talks if anyone else is interested in telling us what they’re hacking on at the moment. I’ll keep pinging people I think might have interesting things to talk about, but having other people suggest things would be cool too.

Finally, it would be cool to have a few more people at the event. I’m not worried, but I figure the more the merrier, so if you haven’t let your geeky friends know yet that would be cool too.



1: Or BonkersCon as some of my co-workers have named it.


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