Technical Topics in Computing, December 2016

Recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve been missing the chance to hear about cool technical projects people are working on in a depth not possible at a CLUG meeting because of time constraints. I am therefore running a simple weekend meetup in Canberra on Saturday 3 December and Sunday 4 December.

The Saturday of the event will be organised talks, with the goal of the talks being to inspire attendees to have a hack on a new project on the second day of the weekend. The second day would be an unstructured hackfest to explore whatever is interesting after the talks of the previous day. I think reserving the Saturday evening for board games and general “hanging out” sounds like fun too.

More details can be found at the conference wiki, with tickets being sold at eventbrite for $20.

These talks are currently signed up:

  • Richard Jones, Hacking Minecraft in Python
  • Alastair D’Silva, Getting started with MQTT and the ESP8266
  • Michael Carden, Introduction to radio
  • Tim Ansell, Using FPGAs with Python
  • …and more to come!

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