Big TVs are evil, Ok?

The NFL apparently nastygrammed a church for planning to host a Super Bowl party. The original complaint was first that the church was charging people, but also that they used the term “Super Bowl” (as if people would somehow believe that the church was associated with the NFL?). After the church agreed to let people in for free and not use the term, the NFL continued to complain, saying that showing the Super Bowl on a screen larger than 55 inches represents copyright infringement.

US Hi 5

So, we’re in America and one of the kid’s favourite shows comes on. Hi 5. Except it’s not the Australian version — it’s full of five US people. It’s strange because the opening sequence is the same as the Australian version (which implies to me that the Australian show might have been licensed over here) and the format seems to be the same, just the actors all have American accents.