Craigslist personal ad styled on the Yahoo reorg

Yahoo announced this week that they’re going to reorg into three operating units. Some folks felt that they should reorg their dating in a similar manner to align synergies. From the Craigslist post:

In order to maximize effectiveness for the upcoming holiday party, we have decided to restructure our organization into three major operating groups, each working together to secure dates for this important event. These three groups, Mission Girl, Marina Girl and SoMa Girl, will each target a specific audience segment

More here.

Slashdot, Google and Slack

Rodney Gedda’s writeup of my talk on Slack (which by the way is in no way a comment on Slackware, or derived from Slackware) got slashdotted today. I am assured by Alan that the download link stayed up just fine, despite benley’s best efforts. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this level of attention, although the tool is very cool.

Other press coverage (that I am aware of) for my AUUG talks includes:

Obviously many of these articles recycle content, and the links above still include the Google News redirects, because it’s easier than editting them out by hand.

(I have been slashdotted before, for TwinkleTux, and another time with the review for the ImageMagick book. Then there was the time that one of my articles about ImageMagick got slashdotted (direct link), but for some reason the sequel didn’t.)

Destinator 3 GPS navigation for the PocketPC

I was reasonably happy with Destinator 3’s trial maps of Australia, but hadn’t had time to write up anything about it yet. I guess that’s unlikely to happen now, as the trial just expired after four days, instead of the four weeks I assured it would last.

Given that the maps for Australia seem over priced (twice the price of the US maps?!?), my imminent departure from Australia, and the general not-particularly-helpful-ness of the Australian distributor, I’m not sure what else to say.

The distributor, after what seemed like an ridiculously large number of emails agreed to reactivate the trial. That made me happy again until I found out tonight that they sold me an out of date version of the product. Grumpy.