Coming to grips with Kubernetes in 2020: podcasts

It has become clear to me that it is time to care about Kubernetes more. I’m sure many people have cared for ages, but the things I want to build at the moment are starting to be more container based now that I am thinking more at the application layer than the cloud infrastructure layer. So how to do that? I thought I’d write down some notes on what has worked (or not) for me, in the hope it will help others. In this post, podcasts.

I thought podcasts would be an interesting way to get started with some nice overviews. This is especially true because I’m already a pretty heavy podcast user, so it was easy to slot into my existing routine. Unfortunately this hasn’t really worked out. I started with the podctl podcast, but they only ever talk about Red Hat stuff. It is very rare for a guest to not be a Red Hat employee for example. The presenters of this podcast seem to also really dislike OpenStack for reasons they never explain, which is annoying.

Then I figured maybe theĀ Google Kubernetes podcast would be better, but it often lacks the depth I am interested in.

I am yet to find a good podcast which deep dives into technology instead of just talking about what is in the latest release. So maybe these podcasts are useful if you’re interested in what things dropped in the most recent release, but they’re not a good nor systematic way to get introduced to Kubernetes.

That said, I only just discovered the TGI Kubernetes youtube channel yesterday. It is not really what I wanted in a podcast given its a video blog, but I think it has prospects to be interesting. I will update this post when I’ve had a chance to check it out in more depth.

Have you found a good Kubernetes podcast? Am I being wildly unfair?

If I’m famous, then people have to be nice to me, right?

So, I’ve just got off the phone with James Purser who interviewed me about the Linux Australia Mirror Project for the Linux Australia Podcast. It’s my first interview, and hopefully I don’t come across as a crazed moron or something. Anyways, it’s funny because James and Karin only realized that I’m the guy with the flowers around my head at the end of the interview.

I’ll try very hard not to get a swelled head and to keep it real, y’all.

JJJ’s hack

You can get the Triple J Hack podcast from iTunes or the Triple J website. I’ve just finished listening to the episode about young people with brain injuries. Did you know that there are over 6,000 young people living in old age nursing homes because our various governments can’t work out what to do with them? That’s pathetic.

For more information, checkout the young people trapped in nursing homes site.