Why do men fall asleep after sex?

This is the second medical trivia book by The Leyner and Goldberg duo. The first was Why do men have nipples, which I read in June. This book suffers from the same flaws as the first — its light weight and doesn’t take itself very seriously. That means that often they avoid answering serious questions, and just make a twee joke instead. It also has those annoying IM transcripts, which appear to just be a way to fill up space.

Then again, I did finish the book, so it can’t have been the worst book I have ever read.

Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex? Book Cover Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?
Mark Leyner, Billy Goldberg,
Health & Fitness
Three Rivers Press (CA)

The authors of Why Do Men Have Nipples? continues their hilarious look at the world of health with an all-new compilation of zany questions about unmentionable body parts, bodily functions, embarrassing body oddities, and more. Original. 300,000 first printing.

Why do men have nipples?

This book is pretty light weight. The font is big, and there is lots of “chrome” on the pages, which conspire to make a book which would probably be only 100 pages in a normal font more like 200 pages. The book also suffers from trying a little too hard to be funny, with numerous interruptions for the authors to tell you how terribly clever they are. Its annoying quite quickly. The answers also aren’t as detailed and believable as those found to similar questions in “Why don’t penguin’s feet freeze? (and 114 other questions)“, the New Scientist book I just finished reading. I’d say go with the New Scientist book if you’re buying something, but read this if you’re given it.

Why Do Men Have Nipples? Book Cover Why Do Men Have Nipples?
Mark Leyner, Billy Goldberg,
Three Rivers Press (CA)

Setting the record straight on folk remedies, traditional cures, and medical myths, an entertaining but informative medical reference furnishes informative answers to such questions as Do microwaves cause cancer?, Is sperm nutritious?, Is it bad to crack your knuckles?, and more. Original. 35,000 first printing.