Last Human

This is Doug Naylor’s first solo book, after the breakup of his Red Dwarf partnership with Rob Grant. This book deviates pretty wildly from the plot line developed by the TV series, although it does use some of the ideas from the series. Often these ideas are used in such a different way that it would be annoying if you were expecting a novelization of the series. This book also has more characters die than is normal for Red Dwarf, and I felt that often the deaths were unneeded. Apart from that this was a good quick read.

[isbn: 0140143882]

Better Than Life

This is the second novelized book from the guys who wrote Red Dwarf. The first book of course shares its name with the name of the TV series. This book deviates from the plot line used in the TV series, and at some points feels more like a summary of the series than a novelization. Then again there are also times where they explore things that would be way to expensive to do in a TV show for the BBC, so that’s fun.

[isbn: 0451452313]

Red Dwarf

This book was exciting because its the first book I have read on the spur of the moment after perusing my book shelves — for the first time in many years I have my entire collection out of boxes on on shelves, which makes it much easier to just grab something to read. This book is a classic, and I love the TV series (which I discovered before the books), and this book. The book is different from the TV series, and feels more like a summary of the series than anything else, but its an engaging read.

[isbn: 0451452011]