A busy couple of days

Andrew had his school walkathon yesterday — the five year old and I did 16 laps of the school oval before we gave up. The timing was unfortunate, given that we woke yup at 4am today and flew to Florida. Initial impressions: Miami traffic is congested, Navman GPSs don’t work well in Florida, its insanely warm and humid here (even for winter), and I am tried. That is all.

Destinator 3 GPS navigation for the PocketPC

I was reasonably happy with Destinator 3’s trial maps of Australia, but hadn’t had time to write up anything about it yet. I guess that’s unlikely to happen now, as the trial just expired after four days, instead of the four weeks I assured it would last.

Given that the maps for Australia seem over priced (twice the price of the US maps?!?), my imminent departure from Australia, and the general not-particularly-helpful-ness of the Australian distributor, I’m not sure what else to say.

The distributor, after what seemed like an ridiculously large number of emails agreed to reactivate the trial. That made me happy again until I found out tonight that they sold me an out of date version of the product. Grumpy.

HP iPaq GPS FA256A

I picked up a HP FA256A blue tooth GPS the other day for my iPaq. The idea is that when I move to Mountain View, CA to work for Google then I’m going to need some form of satellite navigation to survive crazy American roads where they drive on the wrong side.

I’m liking the GPS. It was only $145 Australia, it’s got an eight hour lithium-ion battery, and comes with a car charger. I downloaded a free GPS test application for the iPaq (mine still runs Windows Mobile 2003), and it just worked. The only hard part was working out that it was hiding on COM port 8, not the COM port that was labelled as blue tooth in the drop down.

The graph to the left was made with some GPS code I wrote a while ago which I haven’t got around to documenting better than the README in the source code (tarball).

This graph is a dump of the drive from Andrew‘s house to mine last night. The color change indicates speed, with red being faster than blue.

I’m considering getting around to using GPS data more here. One day in my free time…