Poorly researched creatives

A creative is advertising speak for the copy used for an advertising campaign. For reasons too complicated to explain now, I was just browsing the TiVo pre-canned creatives, and came across this gem:

Which is really quite clever. However, this one shows that they’ve never watched the show in question:

In the show, Blue is a dog, who leaves clues for either Joe or Steve (depending on which series you’re watching). So, Blue never gets clues, she gives them. Also, Blue is singular, and there is normally an apostrophe involved. A better line would have been “you decide when Blue sets her clues”. Just my random nit for the day.

TiVo’s pre-canned creatives may be found here.

Update: I too suck. Apparently Blue is a girl, although I’ve seen many episodes and don’t recall this being mentioned. I apologise to my wife for any emotional distress caused.