A first taste of Google blog reader

So, Google has released a beta of their bloglines equivalent service, and given that Liferea crashes about four times a day for me I thought I would give it a go. Login et cetera is easy, and the user interface is nice and AJAXy. It’s fairly intuitive as well, although when I was importing my OPML file from Liferea I missed the message at the top saying the import was in progress as first.

That said, it’s been 30 minutes and it still says it’s importing my 460 line OPML file. I just refreshed the page for the import, and the import stopped and said that I now had 54 subscriptions. So, I guess that means I should wait longer for the import. I’m now going to try importing over the top and see if it’s smart enough to squelch duplicates.

Feedster has lost interest in it’s top 500 already?

Each month, Feedster brings you a list of 500 of the most interesting and important blogs. Enjoy browsing to see what people are reading, to find feeds that will bring topics of interest to you on a regular basis, and to discover new voices in the Blogosphere.

If Feedster is updating the top 500 monthly, why is it still displaying the August results halfway through the month of September? Don’t they care about the whole thing any more? If so, it only took them a month to get bored with it…

Must. Overtake. Groklaw.

I didn’t pay any attention to Cameron’s press release on the Australians in the top 500 bloggers for August 2005 at first, mainly because it’s not the sort of thing I normally pay any attention to. It’s not like I’m likely to win any popularity contests or anything. Then my Google Alert for stillhq.com (yes, vanity, all is vanity) went off last night and sent me email. It turns out that I’m on that list of top 500 bloggers.

Yes, that’s right. I am your god. You may commence worshipping me now.

I’m the 201st blogger in the list. Right after Groklaw. So, I beg that you all link to me gratuitously so that I can overtake them.

Meh. Just thought I’d gloat. Thanks Frank for pointing this out.

Update: Feedster isn’t linking to the most commonly used form of my RSS feed. You should use one of the links at the bottom of the sites main page if you want to subscribe.