Video4Linux 2 webcam applications?

Hi, I’ve spent some time poking around for a video4linux 2 webcam application which doesn’t suck. All I want is something very simple — grab a frame from the specified camera and dump it to a file on disk in a format I can use. I don’t want a config file. I don’t want a web server. I don’t want it to scp the file somewhere. Just grab a frame.

I can’t find such a thing. I have some code myself which nearly does the job, but it’s video4linux 1 and needs a rewrite. Should I just give in a write the code myself?

Don’t try getting Delonghi blender parts in the US

I’ve given up after calling four places. All I want is a blade for my Delonghi blender, and it seems that no one in this country sells them. When I asked the people I called for a suggestion of someone who might sell the part, they were quite confused. I suspect I’ll be off to Frys to buy a new blender soon.

Meh. All I want is a Margarita. Is that too much to ask?