MythNetTV release 5

New things in this release:

  • There is now a users mailing list at

  • Moved to a public SVN server at

  • Added the ‘justone’ syntax to the download command
  • Another try at using gflags. This means that all the command lines have
    changed slightly.

  • Moved the core of MythTV out of the user interface file.
  • Started writing unit tests
  • Changed user output code so that it doesn’t insist on writing to stdout.
    You can now write to other file descriptors, which makes things like unit
    tests much easier to write.

  • Added video/msvideo to the enclosure whitelist
  • Added HTTP download progress information
  • Added a flag which turns off the prompts for markread (–noprompt)
  • Patches from Thomas Mashos
    • Search ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt, /usr/share/mythtv/mysql.txt and
      /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt in that order for MySQL connection information

    • A manpage
  • now has a simple command line interface to let you query it
  • Fix update of inactive programs bug per

  • Better DB error handling
  • Included a COPYING file with the right version of the GPL (it was missing

  • Fixed a bug where programs would be downloaded more than once (found with
    a unit test!)

  • Started raising exceptions instead of just sys.exit(1). This should make
    life easier for user interfaces in the future

  • Default to using storage groups for storing recordings before falling back
    to the RecordFilePrefix. This makes the behaviour: use a storage group
    named “MythNetTV” if it exists; use the default storage group if it
    exists; use the value of RecordFilePrefix.

  • Transcode avc1 videos, because some need it
  • Force ASCII encoding of title, subtitle, and all fields in the database
    to get around feeds which use unicode which python / MySQL can’t store

  • If there is only one attachment to an item, and its not in our whitelist
    of video formats, then warn the user that you’re assuming its a video file
    and then add it to the todo list

  • Slight tweak to the signature of video.MythNetTvVideo.Transcode()
  • Fix buf in RepairMissingDates which caused it to consistently crash
  • Fix typo in date warning code
  • Better handling of videos where the length of the video cannot be
    determined by mplayer

Release 5 is by far the best tested release of MythNetTV yet, with both unit tests and several users working quite closely with me to resolve problems found in the wild. You can grab your copy here.